List of available Learning and Development FAQs

You can check your own training record on ESR/OLM by using your 'e-learning user' responsibility.

Select the 'Learning History' tab at the top of the screen, then go to the Enrolments tab on the left hand side.

This will show you all the training that has been recorded.

If you notice any errors please contact the Education Centre.

You will need to use the CPD Apply website.

Your application will go to your manager and to the Trust CPD Lead for approval.

All modules on CPD Apply are fully funded.

When you search for a course on OLM you need to add the prefix '329' following by the course title (or part thereof) i.e. 329 Fire.  This should give you a list of 5 Boroughs courses available including e-learning modules.

If the course you are searching for does not appear, and you are sure you have entered the above details correctly, then the course may be 'full' or 'cancelled'.

For further information click here

You can complete some core & statutory training subjects via e-learning.  However, there are some subjects that must be completed via face-to-face training i.e. conflict resolution, breakaway, BLS and fire training (on alternate years).  You can attend these courses during CAST weeks which are the last week of each month.

There is a training matrix for all staff groups which shows the subjects you need to complete and the update frequency.