The Trust’s purchase of additional annual leave scheme enables staff (North West Boroughs contract holders only) to apply to increase annual leave by a maximum of two weeks a year by converting part of their salary into annual leave.  

The scheme is not intended to replace or restrict the use of any other policy on leave which already exists within the Trust, or to replace ad-hoc unpaid leave agreed by management.

How the scheme works

As part of the measures that both Greater Manchester Mental Health and Mersey Care have shared with our Trust, we have been advised that both Trusts will honour existing agreements in place for staff that have purchased additional annual leave this year who are to transfer to them. However, there will not be the opportunity to purchase additional annual leave mid-year in 2021. 

Therefore this will be the only opportunity to purchase additional annual leave for this leave year

No more than two working weeks can be purchased for the whole leave year.

Leave entitlements for part time employees will be pro-rata, based on the number of days/hours worked per week.

To ensure that applications are processed in a timely way and in advance of the transfer of staff, applications will only be accepted between 1 and 21 March 2021. Applications received by People Services after this date will not be processed.

Making an application 

Please use the application to purchase additional annual leave form to apply for additional annual leave and submit to your manager for consideration.

There is no automatic right to additional leave. Applications will be considered in line with service requirements and to ensure equitable consideration of all applications.

Please note that it is not possible to opt out of the scheme part way through the leave year.

For clarity and consistency, the first complete week(s) taken by an individual will be deemed to be the purchased additional annual leave.

Download the application form here. 

Calculations for additional annual leave

The following example illustrates how purchasing two weeks' annual leave in March is calculated:

  • Salary of £17,500 a year (£335.62 a week)
  • Two weeks’ additional annual leave applied for in March 2021: two weeks x £335.62 a week = £671.24
  • £671.24 divided by 12 months = £55.93 (gross figure) equal amounts to be deducted from monthly salary.

The purchase of leave will reduce an employees net pay. 

Note to managers

Simple SAF forms are no longer required.  

The application form only will be used to allow payroll to make the necessary deductions from an employee’s salary. It is important that the application form is completed carefully and accurately.

The application form should be forwarded to the People Services Admin Team: no later than 21 March 2021, late applications will not be processed.