Publish date: 22 March 2021

Author: Julie Chadwick

I did my nurse training at Winwick Hospital from 1991-1994 on qualifying i went to work at Leigh Infirmary on Ward 10 then moved to Billinge Hospital finally ending up In A&E Liaison at Wigan RAEI. It was whilst i was there that Mental Health Trusts came in to being & 5 Boroughs Partnership was born.

I have had the pleasure of working in many varied roles at the Trust, including in the Learning Foundation. In my Learning & Development role I took part in supporting the move to become a Foundation Trust and then later in the onboarding for KIPS and seeing us move from 5 boroughs to 6 and beyond. I was going to retire last year but Covid put those plans on hold and so it seems i will be here when the Trust ceases to exist... 

I've been so lucky to have worked with many brilliant people and teams in my time and that's the one thing that makes me think it doesn't really matter what it says on your badge - it's the people you work with who share your values and beliefs that are important and they will remain, no matter what we're called :)