Please ensure that you have completed the recommended PC Check prior to accessing OLM for the first time.

Please note: If this is the first time you have attempted to access OLM please ensure you have contacted to obtain your unique username and temporary password. 

  1. Click on to ESR log in
  2. Enter your username and password in the relevant fields then click ‘Log in via Username Password’ (first-time users will then be prompted to create a new password) 

  1. Insert your Smartcard.
  2. Type in your Passcode
  3. Click on to ESR log in, then click 'Log in via Smartcard'

 If you have any problems logging into OLM please contact the Education Centre in the first instance.

  1. You MUST set up internet access on a trust computer in the first instance
  2. Log into ESR Self Service - Username or Smartcard Users
  3. Navigate to Manage Internet Access
  4. If you are a Smartcard user you will need to enter a password and click Request Internet Access
  5. If you are not a Smartcard user click Request Internet Access
  6. Access is auto approved and you can now use your Username and Password to access outside of the Trust
  7. Access via the My ESR App or