Publish date: 27 November 2020

Author: Sharon Golding

I have known Paul for nearly 30 years. In all that time he was the most caring, genuine supportive friend. He had a heart of gold and always put people first and genuinely cared.

I remember one story last year when me and my partner were having a weekend in cumbria and Paul was visiting his parents. He arranged to meet up with us and to show us some beautiful sights. He took us to a place called Waswaters and the views were breath taking. He then decided he would take us somewhere were we could have lunch and talked about as a child how he used to cycle in these mountains and knew them quite well. After going up and down the mountains for 2 hours he then admitted he was lost! We thought this was quite funny but Paul kept apologising for getting us lost and was mortified! although we did get to see the beautiful scenery.

Paul made sure we had a lovely day and made the day fun but also special. That was Paul always wanting to please people and would go out of his way to do this and make sure you had a good time!

I will miss him so much he made me laugh everyday even when he didnt mean to! When he aksed me for something he would give me his sad eyes look and I fell for this everytime! He always knew if I had a problem and would always be there for me.  Paul you will always be forever in my heart. I was so privileged to be his friend. A true gentleman and a brilliant friend.

Love you lots xxx