The Trust Medication Safety Officer (MSO) is responsible for overseeing medicines safety issues and ensuring that any problems are highlighted and communicated in the Trust.  This is facilitated by sending memos to key members of staff and managers, copies of memos sent are listed below.

The MSO is Evelyn Johnson

A National Patient Safety Alert sets out actions healthcare organisations must take to reduce the risk when a new or under-recognised patient safety which requires national action is identified.

The Yellow Card Scheme is the national reporting system for communicating suspected problems with medicines or medical devices.

The MSAT was developed to improve the management of medicines related risk to patients. It is intended to provide commissioners with a systematic way of identifying and analysing emerging medicines safety issues and engage with providers to reduce medicines related harm.

It includes useful advice for healthcare professionals on high risk medicines.

​Historically, a number of systems have existed across the Pan Mersey area to collect and share interface problems related to medicines with a view to reducing common problems. The Pan Mersey APC safety sub-group has created a single form and logging system for this purpose for use within the Pan Mersey area.