Publish date: 28 January 2021

Author: James Blandy

We have been made aware of a suspicious phone call to our 0-19 service in Sefton.

The caller claimed to be working for the Freedom to Speak Up Team at the Trust. They then tried to obtain personal details of all the nurses working at the clinic, including names, email addresses and personal mobile numbers.

When this wasn’t provided, the caller became aggressive so the call was ended.

If you receive a suspicious call, you should:

  • Always challenge a suspicious call and the caller’s intentions
  • Protect patient and staff confidentiality by NOT providing any information
  •  End the call as soon as possible – if you’re not sure, simply put the phone down.
  • Report the incident via Datix

See the Information Governance Procedure for further guidance on this.

For further information contact the Information Governance Team via email: or call 01925 664485