For our teams

We know that Covid-19 has been challenging for all of us and in has made us work in different ways. As we start to enter the ‘recovery’ phase of the pandemic, we want to  support team recovery and transition to ‘future state ‘ by offering a variety of interventions. 

What to do next?

Take some time to explore this page and think about the offerings that may help you. Remember that it is ok to not be ok, but it is also ok to be ok too.

How does it work?

Some of the programmes and materials will be useful and available for you to use immediately, others will come online as we progress through the recovery and become more relevant. The varied delivery methods and time commitments are identified using the same icons throughout the offers. 

Each of the offers will give you:

These materials  which will help you to reflect and process your experiences.


something to think about.png10 minute  pause space

Team based reflection tool to help teams to reflect and reset at regular intervals.

something to think about.pngTeam check-in session

Opportunity to access a team session facilitated by members of the staff wellbeing hub.

Here you will find resources that give you a little bit more information through signposting or tools you can use.


staffwellbeinghubicon.pngTea and biscuits

Not everything has  to be formal! A catch up that will allow everyone to take a well earned  break

and give time to get to know each other better.


staffwellbeinghubicon.pngTeam wellbeing action plan

It isn’t too late to put a wellbeing action plan in place or to revisit an existing plan.


staffwellbeinghubicon.pngTeam lessons learned exercise

Template to enable teams to reflect on and review processes developed in response to  Covid-19

Here you will find training, networks and other development opportunities which will take a little bit more time but will support you as you move forward.  

bespoketeam.pngBespoke Team Support

Some teams may require more in-depth support to recover and restore so the option to request bespoke support is available.


teamcharter.pngTeam charters

Toolkit to support  a conversation to collectively agree team ground rules, ways of working and expected behaviours.