Publish date: 18 May 2021

​The Supportive Observation and Engagement policy and procedure has been updated to reflect our learning from patient safety incidents, with a focus on involving service users in planning observations, least restrictive practice, and trauma and gender informed care.

To accompany the new policy, we have made a training video which explains the new changes to the policy and procedure and the considerations we need to make to safely support our service users under this policy

If you are a clinician on an inpatient ward you must watch the training video below. Once you have done this, please review the policy and procedure so you are clear about your individual and collective responsibilities. This includes students in training, bank staff and agency staff unless on maternity leave or sickness absence.

You will also need to complete the competency assessment which is on Clinical.Skills net. If you do not complete this, you will not be permitted to support service users on supportive observations.

All multidisciplinary teams have roles and responsibilities under the new policy too, please ensure you watch the training video to understand this further. 

Thank you for your support in this, and many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the review of this policy and procedure.