In response to the coronavirus pandemic and progression towards a more agile workforce, the Trust is encouraging all those who can work from home to continue to do so. Whilst this is beneficial to many, it is essential that data protection and security is maintained at all times. 

Staff must continue to follow, where practically possible, the Trust's Information Governance and Digital Security and Acceptable Uses procedures and ensure that the Trust's IT equipment, network, systems and data remains safe and secure.

Likewise, patient and staff confidentiality must also remain high priority and steps must be taken to ensure privacy is maintained at all times, no matter what location staff are working from.

Staff guidance

Below are five key tips to ensuring Trust information remains confidential, safe and secure:

  • Take calls in private or use headphones when others are around
  • Lock devices when not in use
  • Position screens so they cannot be viewed by others
  • Store paperwork safely and out of sight
  • Do not dispose of confidential waste at home

Working from Home: Data Protection Checklist: - quick reference infographic which outlines the key areas for consideration by staff

Further detailed guidance

Cyber Security - Protect the Trust and your home

Many of us are spending more time online both at work and home. Online criminals take advantage of this and are using an increasing number of ways to target organisations and individuals, from stealing login details by setting up fake websites, delivering ransomware using email to hacking smart devices.  Learn how to keep the Trust and your home safe and secure by following Trust and national guidance.

Further guidance and useful links

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