Publish date: 26 March 2021

It’s vital that we continue to ensure our workspaces across the Trust remain Covid-safe, by continually reviewing workplace assessments. 

Once carried out, managers must print and display posters to confirm workplace compliance and maximum room occupancy. This needs to be done by 1 April as sites across the Trust will be audited after this date. 

The assessment covers all areas of the workplace, including clinical areas, offices, meeting rooms, kitchens, drink bays, toilets etc.

It is the responsibility of line managers to ensure that COVID risk assessments are in place for your area and that they are regularly reviewed and updated and that your team are aware of them and they are readily available.  Where there are shared areas, line managers must agree who will refresh and update the necessary risk assessments.

All senior managers both operationally and corporate, need to ensure the areas/sites they are responsible for have completed the risk assessments fully. After which the compliance poster must be displayed

Door notices also need to be in place, clearly stating the maximum occupancy for that room, which everyone must adhere to. 

All staff should work with their managers and teams to implement and comply with the workplace guidance.

A Managers’ Briefing Note (MBN) has been issued and all documentation required to carry out a workplace assessment is available at: