Publish date: 14 April 2021


Staff engagement sessions next week

Mersey Care has organised a series of engagement sessions for all staff which will focus on the strategic vision for the new Trust; Mersey Care’s aspiration for a Restorative Just and Learning Culture; and a future joint collaboration between all staff from both trusts to define the values and behaviours that will guide how we work.

Three sessions are available which will have the same content, so you only need to attend one. Sessions will be first come, first served, with a maximum of 250 people able to attend. Sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend:

  • Tuesday 20 April, 9-10.30am
  • Tuesday 20 April, 1.30-3pm
  • Friday 23 April, 12noon-1.30pm

You will be able to ask questions to Mersey Care executives. Send your questions to:

Full details and links to join are on StaffZone.

Corporate staff sessions

Corporate staff are invited to an engagement session led by your new Mersey Care executive director, alongside your Mersey Care corporate colleagues.

You should have received an invitation this week to the relevant session. If you are within a corporate team and haven’t received an invitation, details are on StaffZone.

Corporate staff data being shared with Mersey Care

To support the transition of corporate staff into their new teams and to provide clarity on reporting lines and structures on day one, Mersey Care has asked for some personally identifiable information to be provided as soon as possible.

We have agreed to provide the following staff details to the Mersey Care HR team to share with individual directors:

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Agenda for Change band / medical and dental rate of pay
  • Hours contracted to work

If you have any queries, email:

Culture survey

You should have received a link to an organisational culture survey which has been commissioned by Mersey Care to support the transfer of staff and services.

The survey aims to understand any differences in ways of working between our Trust and Mersey Care and involves gauging staff opinion, feelings and expectations, as well as management processes, through surveys and interviews.

Assessing any cultural differences and finding ways to address them can help with creating a positive culture that builds on the values of each Trust and helps minimise any risks of cultural clashes.

The email was sent from on 8 April. Please be completely honest to give a true picture of our Trust. The deadline for responses is Thursday 22 April.

Performance Development Review (PDR) process

It has been agreed to move the timing of PDRs this year to account for your transfer to Mersey Care.

The window for completing PDRs will be open between June and September 2021 to allow conversations to be meaningful and make sure all personal development plans are aligned to the appropriate strategic objectives.

PDR documents are being updated so they align to those used at Mersey Care.

Training dates supporting both reviewees and reviewers are being set up. The first session will be on Tuesday 25 May, 2-4pm.

Starters and leavers

The cut-off date for any new starters joining before the transfer is Friday 14 May 2021. All new starter forms must also be received by this date.

Anyone in the recruitment pipeline awaiting a start date who is unable to start before 14 May will not be able to start until 1 June. This is to make sure all staff are on the payroll before the transfer to Mersey Care. Please do not arrange start dates for new starters outside this.

If you know anyone in your team is leaving, please ensure their termination notices are completed at the earliest opportunity. We are required to provide details of staff transferring to Mersey Care towards the end of April and rely on the data in ESR. If this is not accurate or if we receive late notification of terminations, it causes difficulties and can result in people being overpaid.