​How do I apply for capital funding?

To apply for capital funding a capital bid form needs to be completed with the following details:

  • Directorate
  • Scheme title
  • Scheme description
  • Scheme title (please include which site the works relate to or were the equipment will be used)
  • Trust criteria that the scheme meets (include an explanation of how it meets any of the six criteria listed)
  • Start and end dates and scheme duration (assistance available from Estates)
  • Scheme costs (assistance available from Estates)
  • Revenue costs (include any additional revenue costs both direct eg staffing or indirect eg heating – assistance available from Finance – contact your senior directorate accountant)
  • Additional activity (identify any additional contacts / bed days that the bid will deliver)

How can I track the progress of my bid? 

All submitted bids will be considered at the next capital planning group. Bids will be prioritised into high, medium or low priority by Assistant Directors based on how the scheme scores against the Trust criteria. 

This will be forwarded to the Capital Executive Monitoring Committee who will approve bids in line with the resources available. 

If you need any further information relating to capital, please contact Peter Ryan on 01925 664 125.