​Our number one priority every day is to provide the best care possible for our patients and service users; an inspection does not change this. Patients' needs continue to come first - your day job will, and must, continue as usual before and during CQC visits.

Preparing ourselves is not about doing anything differently just because inspectors are coming. We are proud of our dedicated staff and the excellent services we deliver. We are already good at what we do and we firmly believe we deliver care and run our Trust in the right way. 

What we can do is remind ourselves what inspectors will be looking for and the type of questions they might ask. We should take time to know our services really well so we can showcase how good we are and point out where we are striving for improvements.

Remember, there is nothing to be scared of - the inspectors are not inspecting you as an individual; it's about how the Trust provides its services.

We welcome CQC visits. They are our opportunity to:

  • Showcase our good work and the improvements we have made.
  • Demonstrate that we know our improvement areas and what we are doing to address them.
  • Demonstrate how we gain feedback about the care we provide and how we learn and share lessons to improve our services.

Use our staff guide to help you prepare: Being part of a successful CQC inspection

staff guide cqc.png