They can attend the induction but they cannot start working on the wards/units until they have their Visa.

St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust do allow junior doctors to carry forward a maximum of 3 days leave from post to post, including when they move to another Trust. Please see the St Helens and Knowsley A/L policy -

They can claim for assessments done in the community or non NHS premises. They won’t pay for Section 136 assessments.

Obtain the names of the CT trainees from Medical Education & Workforce Teamand email them to see if they can swap with you. If they cannot do the slides and then ask your Supervisor if he/she will present them on your behalf on the day.

Doctors who have a rest day or day off on the rota on a Bank Holiday will be given a day half day in lieu as they will not have had one of the 8 Bank Holidays for that particular year.

A trainee should not be on the on call rota during induction. If they have been put on nights on the same day as attending the induction then this is in breach of their T&C as the shift length maximum is 13 hours. They also have to have 11 hours rest in a 24 hour period.

They should ring switchboard (01925 664000)  and get a taxi on the Trust account.

  • Who organises the ECT rota for trainees?
    • Dr Ambreen Naz organises the ECT rota and Dr Joe Johnson supervises the trainees who attend.