The aim of the Public Sector Trainee Programme is to provide 16 to 24 year olds, who are seeking work or seeking a career change with an opportunity to undertake a period of work experience and training, to give them the best opportunity of entering an apprenticeship or employment.

The trainee programme placements have duration of between 100 and 240 hours. This duration will give North West Boroughs Healthcare an opportunity to work closely with the trainee to train and upskill them in the role and position that they are placed.

With the placement the trainee will undertake the following:

  • Study programme to be delivered by a local college
  • Maths and English Function Skills (If required)
  • Personal skills (Personal and Professional Development) Level 1
  • Health and Wellbeing Level 2
  • Work placement within North West Boroughs Healthcare
  • 2-5 day placement per week with services/teams

This placement structure not only allows the trainee to gain an understanding the NHS working environment but also allows the placement area an opportunity of an extended vocation trial with the trainee, through this format NWBH can see if the trainee will be an asset to the team and or service with the opportunity to interview and employ the individual for an apprenticeship or substantive post if the opportunity arises.    

Summary of the programme

Typically this is between 16-24 (All the colleges involved with the work placement programme are aware of the age restrictions on mental health placements of 18+)

This is can alter between colleges and between courses of study. This can be from 4-6 month (100-240) hours placement.

They should be performing tasks that will allow them to gain confidence in the work place and in their own abilities. They should be shadowing and observing but not involved if there are patient confidentiality issues. All participants placed with NWBH will be briefed and inducted much like our own staff, they will all receive information surrounding patient confidentiality, safeguarding, information governance and personal conduct.  The will also receive a local induction in their area of placement. 

As a trust requirement all participants of work based placements must have a placement supervisor who will be the point of contact for both the work based learning co-ordinator from NWBH and the college.  This supervisor will also be the main lead of the placement and will need to monitor all activities that are undertaken by or with the participant. There can be multiple supervisors for any location this should allow flexibility of time and shift patterns if required.  

The participants will need to complete a reflective/personal development type journal. This will predominantly be reflective on the experience. This would require little time from the placement supervisors; although this can be dependent on the student’s course of study.

Placement can be anywhere in the trust with any team or department. The only restrictions that could be placed upon this are:

  • No under 18s on inpatient wards
  • No placements to be undertaken in CAMHS services (currently)
  • Placement participants are not to be left alone with service users
  • They must not undertake any clinical task
  • Working hours can be determined by placement supervisors but this must be between 8am and 5pm if the participant is under 18
  • Anyone over the age of 18 must have a DBS certificate in place prior to commencing on a placement with NWBH
  • DBS will be provided by either Talent for Care or the place of study at no cost to NWBH

Location of placement and participants travel arrangements will be a deciding factor of where placements can take place.  

If you wish your service/team to offer placements you can complete the placement availability form here 

For further information on our work experience programmes please contact