Publish date: 10 May 2021

From 25 May 2021, all staff based or visiting the Hollins Park site should dial 999 in the event of a fire or Emergency. This includes requiring an emergency ambulance for a patient, visitor or member of staff.

All 999 calls will be answered by switchboard, who will transfer the call to the appropriate emergency service.

 Should you require the on call doctor to attend, ask switchboard to ‘bleep’ the doctor at the same time as requesting the emergency service.

 We are standardising the emergency number across our sites to have one emergency number to dial.

 The only exception will be Knowsley Resource and Recovery Centre, as they are on the Whiston Hospital site, they can access the cardiac arrest / medical emergency team by dialling 2222 followed by 999 for an ambulance.

 All signage across the Hollins Park site will be updated to reflect this change to the emergency number prior to the 25 May 2021.

 If you require any further information, please contact the Resuscitation Officers on 01925 664846 or email