Support for staff

As you'll already be aware, since summer 2016, smoking (including e-cigarettes) on Trust premises, grounds (including all entrances) and in any vehicles during your work hours is not permitted.

We acknowledge that you may either choose to continue smoking and abstain during work hours or may take this opportunity to quit for good.

Option 1

Abstaining from smoking during contracted hours

Abstaining from smoking during contracted hours will now only provide an opportunity to smoke during one unpaid lunch break.

We acknowledge this could be a significant change to your usual routine and dependent on your level of nicotine addiction you will mostly likely benefit from Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). This can be obtained directly from your local pharmacy or through your GP if they are willing to prescribe it for periods of abstinence.


•Smoking cigarettes or e-cigarettes is only permitted offsite, away from all entrances and not in view of others, particularly patients and carers

•When you start to feel the benefits of abstaining during your working day, you may feel like benefiting from stopping smoking more long-term. There is lots of support available.

Option 2

Using this opportunity to quit stopping 

You may have thought about stopping smoking many times before or may have had several attempts. This is an ideal opportunity to quit for good.

We know that you are four times more likely to quit long-term if you use stop smoking medications alongside accessing specialist support.

Choose the best support for you, your local stop smoking service:

Your GP or there may be a scheme in your local pharmacy other support available by app, text or e-mail (see resources)