Publish date: 27 November 2020

Author: Julie Murray

I first met paul in 1998 when I use to assess patients on the stewart assessment. We were very professrional with each other back then and little did I know then that two years later we would become partners in crime. We regularly "bickered" usually by Paul telling me off for something I had said. He would act all innocent and anyone new to the team would think poor Paul. They would soon realise he was not the innocent that he always proclaimed!!

Professionally, what a nurse. Paul was quite self deprecating about his skills but I can honestly say he was a fabulous nurse. He really understood his patients and would treat them professionally but with the added gift of being able to show that they knew he really cared.

Paul regularly told us he was keeping a book on us about the things that we would say that he felt were inappropriate. This book was being compiled for our Chief executive, Simon! Mind due he did have some paranoia in that every time we had a student he wasn't sure if they were undercover reporters! 

Paul's probably still compiling this book. i do hope the original doesnt end up at HQ!!!

Dear David, Agnes, Alan, Alison and Christine, please accept my sincerest condolences. Paul is such a huge huge loss but we will never forget him and when we can we will be arranging a proper farewell and tribute that he truly desrves (and let's be honest would expect) xxxxx