Services currently based at St Helens Hospital will need to relocate from the site by 31 March 2021 to enable St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospital Trust to expand its oncology services.

These are the moves that will take place as part of this project:

  • Service currently based in Harry Blackman House at Peasley Cross, will temporarily move out to allow for the building to be refurbished.
  • Services at the O'Hanlon Centre will relocate to Harry Blackman House.
  • Services currently based at St Helens Hospital will move to the O'Hanlon Centre on the Peasley Cross Hospital site.

As part of the moves we will be doing some work on our existing estate to refurbish and improve the environment and staff facilities. Through this we hope to better support agile working, support smoother working relationships between teams and offer a more flexible space that better supports staff wellbeing and the new ways of working 

The O'Hanlon Centre will include two suitably equipped gyms and single consultation rooms that will improve privacy and dignity for our patients in line with CQC recommendations.

There will be changes to how we all need to work as a result of the moves. This is in line with the move towards increased agile working and paperless/paper light ambitions. We will be working closely with the agile working group to ensure that we are in a position to support services with processes, equipment etc needed.

Teams have been asked to start looking at their existing work space to start preparing for the moves. This includes reducing the volume of paperwork that are kept onsite in line with the Trust's Digital Transformation Strategy

The services currently based at St Helens Hospital, will need to relocate from the hospital to the Peasley Cross site by 31 March 2021. Work to achieve this has already begun and the key dates are included on the move pages.