It almost goes without saying that Coronavirus has presented us with an unprecedented set of circumstances to navigate as a country, a system and an organisation. Each and every one of you has risen to that challenge. The research and evidence regarding pandemics suggest that the after effects of the Coronavirus will be felt for some time to come and there is no switch for 'back to normal'. When we consider the phases of the pandemic, as a trust we are close to moving from the 'active' phase of the pandemic to the 'recovery' phase.

We want to support your 'recovery and reset' and  that of your teams during the next phase and beyond. To do this we will need  you, our leaders and managers to lead the way and support  teams and  staff members. Every  member of staff  plays a vital part in enabling the Trust to reset and move to our 'new way of working' whilst continuing to deliver the exceptional levels of care  patients  and service users expect and deserve.  

'Covid and beyond’ is a very different programme in both its content and structure and has been designed for where we are now. 

The programme is built around three key principles:

  • Keeping you safe and well

    • both mentally and physically, this work runs alongside the wellbeing hub which provides a wealth of materials and support.both mentally and physically. 

  • Engaging and involving 

    • everyone in the way forward
  • Supporting the new ways of working 

    • and the transition to our new normal

We have tried to make this programme as practical and easy to use as possible. So as you can find the right materials for you, we have split the offer into three.

Some  elements of the programmes and materials will be  available for you to use immediately, others will come online as we progress through the recovery and become more relevant. The varied delivery methods and time commitments are identified using the same icons throughout the offers. Each of the offers will give you:

Something to think about 

These are mainly reflective materials and tools for you and your teams to utilise and will be the starting point of your journey

Something to explore 

Here you will find resources that give you a little bit more information through signposting or options for different tools you could utilise for yourself or you team.

Something to do

Here you will find specific training sessions, networks and other interactive training modules which will take a little bit more time but will support you as you move forward.  

Easy - take some 'time for you!'. 

Take some time to explore this page and think about the offerings that may help you. Remember that it is ok to not be ok, but it is also ok to be ok too.