The Temporary staffing team supports our clinical services by providing workers to support our clinical teams in times of need or high activity.

The team facilitates support from a number of resources:

The Trust has a bank of temporary workers including Health Care Support Workers and Band 5 Registered Nurses.  The expectation is that Bank staff will be the first resource offered for unfilled shifts.  Where shifts are not able to be filled, as a last resort the shift can be sent to our approved agencies, ensuring that approval for use of agency workers has been sought; be aware of the extra costs that will be incurred as a result of outsourcing from the trust. 

If you hold a substantive post in the Trust you may wish to join the bank to work additional shifts in either your own team or across the Trust in a similar role.

Please complete the following forms and return to:

Qualified Nurse and HCA request to Join the bank form

Terms of membership

Joining the Bank gives you the opportunity to gain experience in working in a wide range of Health services alongside highly qualified and experienced healthcare professionals.

  • Bank work provides the knowledge and experience which opens doors to further professional qualifications and permanent jobs both internally and externally to the trust.
  • The Nurse Bank provides a truly flexible approach to work, you can chose not only your own working hours but also the location in which you work. As we have various locations within our Trust it allows you to pick the location which best suits you: 
    • Warrington
    • Halton
    • St.Helens
    • Knowsley
    • Sefton
    • Bank Work allows you to manage your own workload. It is up to you as a bank worker to book yourself onto shifts via Employee on Line (EOL).  If you don’t book onto shifts it means you won’t be working.  This allows people to manage their responsibilities outside of work.

Form for requesting to join the bank for substantive staff transferring to GMMH

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the Bank - please contact

It is possible for employees to work on the Bank once retired. You must complete a 'Bank Verification Form' available from Temporary Resourcing before employment is terminated. When an an employee who is in the Pension Scheme wishes to retire then all posts are terminated and a break of service of one week from Sunday to Sunday applied. They must not work more than 16 hours per week within their first month. This is to satisfy rules and regulations associated with being part of the NHS Pension Scheme. After one week, Bank membership will be automatically reinstated and supplemented with a  check to ensure satisfactory checks on file.

As a Bank worker you are required to have an enhanced DBS that covers adults and children barred check. If your current DBS doesn't cover both adults and children this must be updated at a cost of £47.50. For the admin bank you will be required to have a Standard DBS at a cost of £29.50.

If you would like to request a nurse bank verification form

To request a Bank Verification Form please email this needs to be completed and signed by your manager and returned via internal post with the completed terms of membership to the temporary resourcing office.

Shifts worked Mon-Sun (including Sun night shift) are paid the following Friday (in cases where the Friday is a bank holiday pay will be processed the day before on the Thursday)

Unsocial hours receive additional enhancements:

Band 2  

41% for Saturdays, Nights and Unsocial hours (8pm–10pm)

83% for Sundays and Bank Holidays

Band 5 and 

30% for Saturday, Night & Unsocial

60% for Sunday & Bank Holiday       

Annual leave

12.5%  holiday pay  - added to each shift worked

Should a Bank worker wish to take annual leave, simply do not book onto any shifts, allowing  greater flexibility – home/work life balance

Sick pay

Bank Workers are not eligible to receive contractual sick leave or pay

Bank workers may be entitled to statutory sick pay or sickness benefit

Prior to considering the use of temporary workers, consideration should be given to the most effective use of existing resources. This may involve re-evaluating planned rotas and reallocating existing staff. One should also consider temporary redeployment of staff from other service areas to meet the needs of an area experiencing a lack of resources. When considering the need to use temporary staff, managers should be reminded that within their staffing establishment there is an allowance in terms of sickness, training and holidays.

The Trust uses an agreed list of agencies for the supply of short term temporary assignments.   

It is important that only Trust approved agencies are used.

If you wish to source agency staff contact the Temporary Workforce Team on 01925 664472 or