Keep an eye on your team and recognise the signs if staff are feeling this way. Chat over any concerns they have, find ways of dealing with the issues that are fed back to you.

Care spaces offer those who attend the space, time, and the opportunity to connect with others on their own experiences and their personal personal plans to sustain their wellbeing. The OD team can offer a care space just for your team.

NHS leadership Academy have a team based reflection tool which helps teams to reflect and reset at regular intervals. More information can be found on the NHS website.

Keep up to date with information on the wellbeing hub, take a few moments to be clear what services are available to staff on there and be able to direct your team to relevant sections when required.


Be inclusive in the way that you lead

Be conscious of how you lead, and ensure everyone in your team feel included

Sometimes if teams are under pressure, having stability can help. Think about having robust routines for starting and finishing shifts; new starters joining the team are they inducted and connected with the rest of the team properly. Think about one-to-ones, are they regular and not cancelled on a regular basis.

As a manger you are making decisions all the time. Give yourself time to Stop – breathe – reflect – choose. Just a brief moment’s pause will allow you to reconnect with your purpose and values. This will help when speaking and listening to your team and have a clear head when responding to them.

Empathise with your staff, understand what they are experiencing. Recognise they are coming to you for someone to talk to, or for something that requires action. All memebrs of the team will be from different backgrounds, and have various workloads, support them accordingly and what is relevant to that member of staff. Maybe have time out for a brew, take a walk round the grounds to give a neutral place to talk. Take time to listen to your team member.

Members of OH team are available to attend team meetings to discuss general team wellbeing, signposting to resources and interventions and both physical and mental health (a weight management service is available). Sessions are available on request by emailing