...should ESR be changed from medically suspended to sick leave?

If the test result is negative for Covid-19 but the member of staff is not well enough to return to work, the period of sickness will commence from the date of the negative test.

If the member of staff is well enough to return to work, the period prior to the swab result will remain as medically suspended and no sickness absence should be recorded.

For any staff who need to take time away from work due to Covid-19, please use the following unavailabilities in HealthRoster:

Sickness – Covid-19

Group: Sickness

Reason: Covid-19 – Coronavirus

Carers' leave 

Group: Other leave 

Reason: CL Covid-19- Carers Leave – Covid-19 


Group: Other leave 

Reason: SI Covid-19 – Self Isolation – Covid-19

We restarted face-to-face staff training in August 2020. We have made a number of changes to how training is delivered and you will need to read the changes to training guidance before you book or attend any training course.

The Training Team will contact ward managers directly if inpatient staff are out-of-date with their teamwork training.

If there has been an Outbreak of Covid on your ward, you should not book training until the ward has had no Covid-19 positive staff or patient cases for 2 weeks. If you try to attend training before this you will be turned away. 

You can book other face-to-face training courses through the usual route on ESR.