Core Brief is a monthly briefing presentation featuring high-level Trust information, such as progress against our corporate strategy and information and updates about key Trust initiatives and projects.

Core Brief is initially delivered by our Chief Executive or another executive director on the first Tuesday of the month to senior leaders from across the organisation.

The presentation is then cascaded through the organisation with managers delivering to their teams. The briefings should continue through all relevant levels of management until all members of staff have received a face-to-face briefing.

It is the responsibility of team managers to ensure all members of their team have received Core Brief each month.

Adding localised information

For ongoing cascade and delivery, managers are expected to add any important localised information as additional slides at the end of the core messages.

Slides should be summarised rather than be read out word-for-word. Managers are expected to familiarise themselves with content prior to delivery. This should help the presentation sound natural and not scripted.

Through Core Brief, staff should feel comfortable to ask questions about or discuss certain topics.

Where managers are unable to answer questions, they should follow up with the Communications and Marketing Team.

Each month, Core Brief includes a discussion slide which has a selected topic with questions to prompt and support discussion within teams.

The aim of the discussion slide is to encourage you to collectively think about and discuss ideas and thoughts around a specific topic. Feeding back from your discussions will ensure your team's views are heard and you can help to inform developments and improvements around the subject.

All feedback is shared with the subject expert and key themes will be shared through the next Core Brief.

Don't forget to share feedback from your discussions via our online form.

Please complete our Communications request form providing full details and we'll confirm whether this is the best channel for you to use.

Date of meeting

Content deadline
Tues 5 Feb Fri 25 Jan
Tues 5 Mar Fri 22 Feb
Tues 2 Apr Fri 22 Mar
Tues 7 May Fri 26 Apr
Tues 4 June Fri 24 May
Tues 2 July Fri 21 June
Tues 6 Aug Fri 26 July
Tues 3 Sept Fri 23 Aug
Tues 1 Oct Fri 20 Sept
Tues 5 Nov Fri 25 Oct
Tues 3 Dec Fri 22 Nov

If you have any questions or suggestions about or for Core Brief, please contact the Communications and Marketing Team at