Publish date: 27 November 2020

Author: Sharon Golding

I have known Paul for almost 30 years. He is the most caring, genuine and supportive friend. Paul always but people first and genuinely cared about them, he had a heart of gold.

I remember one story were me and my partner were having a weekend in Cumbria and Paul was visiting his parents. We arranged to meet up as Paul said he would show us the sights. He took us to a beautiful place called Waswaters the views were breath taking. He then decided he would take us somewhere for lunch and talked about how as a child he used to ride his bike up these mountains and knew them well. After 2 hours going up and down the mountains he then admitted he was lost! We did find this funny but Paul kept apologising and was mortified! He always wanted people to have a good time. We did get to see some beautiful scenery and eventually managed to get some lunch and laughed about the fact he had got us lost!

Paul was a very supportive friend. He always knew if I had a problem and was there for me. He made me laugh everyday even when he didn’t mean to! When he wanted me to do something he used to give me his sad eyes and I fell for it every time! He loved his family and adored David and would speak of them often.

He was a brilliant and caring nurse and everybody loved him! He was a true gentleman and had a loving and kind soul. I miss him so much. Paul you will be forever in my heart and I was so privileged to be your friend.

To David, Agnes, Alan, Alison and Christine my deepest condolences at such a sad loss he truly was a special person.