To make Microsoft Teams available from 23 November 2020, we have moved all mailboxes to a Microsoft Cloud service.

For most staff you will not notice any changes, however if you have experienced some issues with performance after the migration, there are some steps you can take to speed things up.

If your outlook is running slowly, please try to enable 'cached mode'. This will copy your mailbox to your computer, which will make outlook run quicker once it has downloaded. Please be aware that it can take between 2 to 3 hours to download depending on your mailbox size.

There are three documents to support Android Smartphone users, to remove the old email configuration on these devices and add the new mailbox setup.

Please use the same email app you have been used to, generally users have been given access to either Boxer or the Outlook mail app for Android for phones that don’t have a Red Asset Sticker on the back.

For android phones with a Red Asset Sticker on the back the Sophos Mail client, follow this guide to uninstall and reinstall the email app.

There are three documents to support iPhone or iPad users, who have had their old mailbox setup on their devices that now need to be reconfigured. There is a guide for the three types of mail client used on iPad's across the Trust.

Following a move to the Microsoft Cloud service, there will be a 20mb limit set on sending attachments. If the total number of files you are sending in a single attachment is greater than 20mb you will need to reduce the size of the files by zipping them. You can view a short how to guide about this.

If you require further assistance please contact the IT Self Service Portal.