Support all your team to complete the new Caring for you Programme. The aim of this programme is to help staff to build self-compassion and resilience to be at their best in their roles. The sessions will provide those who attend with tips and techniques to stay well and high performing.

A series of wellbeing development sessions for all NWBH staff:

  • Seven one-hour virtually delivered sessions
  • Time for you to pause, reflect and recharge
  • Supporting your wellbeing now, to prepare you for the future.

It is recommended that staff at least attend the ‘properly selfish’ session.

The modules include:

  • Properly Selfish
  • Taking Notice
  • Everything is fine
  • Being Active
  • Handling our inner critic
  • Gratitude and joy
  • Vocation and purpose

Think of yourself as working for your team, if they need something to get their work done, try to get it for them. Be ready to help them if they run into challenges. If someone is holding up your team being able to do their job, try to speak to relevant people If processes that are set up are taking too much time, find a way round and fix them. If team members have questions about their work, get the answer for them. If they have suggestions, listen to what they have to say and take action if it makes sense. A good system helps keep things moving.

Working with staff in one-to-ones using the discovery questions, listed below as a guide can help people reflect on what they are already doing, or how they could help themselves for both work and their own wellbeing.

It also gives an opportunity for staff to voice what support they need from you as their manager.

  • How are you? What sort of things are you feeling or thinking now?
  • What are you working on now?
  • Tell me more about the progress you have made with…….
  • What learning have you achieved in the last week?
  • What else do you feel you have you achieved this week?
  • What activities have contributed towards your goals both personally and professionally?
  • What things are you doing to create moments of enjoyment in your day or week?
  • What are you doing for your own health and wellbeing this week?
  • What sort of things have you built into your daily routine to look after your wellbeing?
  • What do you need from me?
  • What other support do you need?

Have a quiz, have fun ways of getting to know the team, have discussions on hobbies outside of work – it’s amazing what you can find out our colleagues do! Share funny stories, memories that everyone interacts with.

Not everything has to be formal! A catch up that will allow everyone to take a well-earned break and give time to get to know each other better