Covid-19 is new to everyone. In our jobs, we are being asked to work differently, under increasing pressure, with new people and teams, sometimes outside of our skill-set. Our body and brain systems may experience this as mentally and physically stressful, and perhaps even unsafe. Increased anxiety and fear is normal. This is not a sign of mental health problems, but is part of the natural process of adapting to radically changed circumstances. The wellbeing hub recognises that the real potential for overcoming adversity at work lies in teams that work effectively together and are supported by leaders who are available, responsive and equipped.

Caring for Your Teams programme

We are committed to supporting and equipping our leaders with the skills, tools and confidence to support your teams and to help your teams to continue to thrive in the face of adversity. This year has been one like no other, which is why it’s so important to remember to care for yourself and each other!

All leaders and managers are invited to take part in our NEW Caring for Your Teams programme which is made up of 5 bite-sized workshops, which include the elements for creating healthy teams and work environments. Book your place now!

To prevent psychological depletion during all phases of the pandemic, teams can use a 'team wellbeing plan' to support this. This can be used by any team, in any context. There is no requirement for this to be facilitated by the staff wellbeing hub, although please do contact for advice and support to enable your teams to get the most out of it. 

Wellbeing care spaces

Wellbeing care spaces offer individuals and groups the opportunity to pause, reflect and think about their wellbeing needs. It also offers the ability to connect with others which helps to build your personal resilience. Sessions take approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the groups size and will be offered to the following groups:

  • Team care spaces – why not dedicate part of your team meeting agenda to a care space? Request yours today by emailing

  • General wellbeing care spaces – To connect with colleagues from outside of your immediate team, and across the organisation. These are open to all staff at all levels. There are no dates booked - please email to register your interest.

  • Wellbeing care spaces for vulnerable and clinically at risk colleagues – if you are a colleague who may have been shielding or have been identified as 'high' risk then this space is specifically designed to connect you with others also experiencing this. The next sessions will take place on:

    • 14 January:   1-2pm

To support teams to develop Team Wellbeing Action Plans, or to discuss team wellbeing in the context of your team, you can contact us to arrange for one of our wellbeing and lifestyle coaches a to meet your team and support you to develop and/or review your team wellbeing plan. Request your by emailing

For some teams, the Covid-19 pandemic will have been particularly challenging and teams may feel that they need a greater level of support to restore and rebuild team dynamics or to establish ways of working. During this period, the OD Team will be on hand to offer tailored support where required, and an initial conversation to assess the team's requirements can be requested by emailing

  • Covid-19 pandemic phases
    • This resource explains each of the phases of the pandemic and the potential psychological impacts on individuals and teams

Psychological first aid principles – a practical guide for helper

Watch our short video below from Dr Ruth O'Shaughnessy on behalf of the staff wellbeing hub:


Now more than ever it is important to connect with our teams and check in on their wellbeing. These practical guides are ready for you to use and put into practice with your teams at the start and end of every day/shift.

It can be easy to forget the impact of Covid-19 on those staff who may be working from home. Establishing new routines, feeling disconnected from the team and colleagues, and isolation are just some of the challenges faced. These simple resources offer simple tips and techniques for managing remote teams.

During this time, our teams may experience loss, bereavement and grief. Here are some quick guides and leaflets to support your teams.  

The recovery phase will be a significant and important stage in order to effectively heal as a team and to support individuals who may require additional help.

The staff wellbeing hub is currently working on the offer for teams during the Post Covid-19 phase, with more information to follow. However, in the meantime, we have uploaded a simple guide and some practical tips for managers to consider at this time.

If you want to talk – we are here to listen

Our internal coaches want to help if leaders or managers are finding things tough and need to talk or things through and problem solve. To access a confidential coaching conversation email


Our staff wellbeing hub has been developed by a passionate team of people from Clinical Psychology, Organisational Development and Occupational Health who will review and update content on an ongoing basis.