We began vaccinating our staff against Covid-19 on 4 January. Everyone who has received their first dose has been booked in at the centre for a second appointment 10 weeks later to receive their second dose.

This means we will begin providing second doses to staff from Monday 15 March.

It is absolutely vital you attend for your second dose to make sure you receive full immunity from the virus. The timing is also very important, which is why your second appointment was booked for you. You must keep to your scheduled appointment unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Everyone who has received their first dose of the vaccine in January is asked to check when your second appointment is and make arrangements to plan your work and personal commitments so you can attend.

In general, the pattern for second appointments for staff will be as follows:

First appointment

Second appointment

w/c 4 January

w/c 15 March

w/c 11 January

w/c 22 March

w/c 18 January

w/c 29 March

w/c 25 January

w/c 5 April

You can find the details of the exact date and time of your appointment as follows:

  • Covid-19 vaccine card: The date of your second appointment is written on the Covid-19 vaccination card you were given at your first appointment.
  • Confirmation email: You should have received an automated confirmation email when your second appointment was booked on site by the vaccination admin team. Check your emails on or shortly after the date of your first appointment for no-reply@simplybook.me
  • Reminder email: You will receive a reminder email from no-reply@simplybook.me two days before your appointment.
  • Reminder text: You will also receive a reminder text message two days before your appointment.

Any family members who received their first vaccine at our vaccination centre in January will also receive a reminder email and text. Their appointments were booked 12 weeks later, so these will start from 29 March.

As before, all appointments will be at our vaccination centre at the Gail Briers Education Centre, Hollins Park.

Your appointment will follow the same format as the first one and you should expect to be at the vaccination centre for up to 45 minutes to account for pre-checks, paperwork and aftercare.

Everyone will receive the same vaccine they received for their first dose. For all those vaccinated in January, this will be Pfizer. We will have limited supplies of Pfizer for the purposes of delivering second doses only. This is another reason you must attend your scheduled appointment to avoid wastage and to make sure you receive the same vaccine as your first dose.

You should attend your scheduled appointment unless there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from attending.

Managers must do all they can to support you to attend your second appointment. If the reason you are unable to attend is work-related, please speak to your line manager in the first instance.

If you cannot attend for another reason, you must contact the vaccination centre on 01925 664176 to rearrange your appointment for as close to the original date as possible.